Tens of people read these posts

Perhaps surprisingly, I tend to write a lot about our crappy cars (really, our search for crappy cars):



I also wrote about packing a ‘pioneer lunch’ for a fieldtrip for my oldest son. (Apparently the phrase ‘pioneer lunch’, along with ‘cheetos’ and ‘Chevy Astro’, is one of the search terms that compels people to check out this blog.)


And our 3-day-long marathon roadtrips (inside crappy cars) to the humid Midwest:


Russian nesting dolls (aka Matriushkas)


Failed craft projects


And my attempt to recreate the 500 salad at Joey’s.




5 thoughts on “Tens of people read these posts

  1. Nina, I think I should change the title to ‘Ones of people’. Or maybe, just ‘posts Nina has liked.’ Sadly The Pioneer Lunch is still number 1.


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