Eight years in to This Albertan Life, and we still had not made it to the famed Jasper National Park, despite the fact that it’s only a four hour drive from where we live. Which, for ultra-roadtrippers such as ourselves, is a crying shame. Sometime in the late Fall/early Winter I resolved that Summer 2016 would […]

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Fool’s errand, part deux

We drove to Kalispell without a clear sense of what we might do when we got there. Our children, whether suffering the after-effects of ingesting pool water, or having eaten too much junk, were all in various stages of poor health; handling it in much the same manner as those afflicted with the worst of […]

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Fool’s errand

After a rather lengthy (five year) process that involved three attempts and several outrageously stupid mistakes – paperwork that was mailed out one day too late, and submitting the wrong paperwork only to be told to repeat the process – four out of five Johnsons finally got pseudo permission to remain in Canada. Indefinitely. Four out of […]

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Fix me

Based on a cursory review of my blog posts filed under the ‘Exercise’ category, I’d venture to say it’s been well over two years since my last exercise-related post. This has less to do with the fact that I don’t want to bore J is for Jenerous readers by rewriting the same stories, and more […]

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So this is 40

Nearly two years in to this much anticipated decade, it has occurred to me that – not unlike every other anticipated milestone in my life – the forties haven’t really unfolded how I thought they would. That being said, I’m not sure what I expected. Most likely I had vapid, Hallmark-esque sayings like ’40 is the […]

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Mother’s Day

I will be eternally grateful to schools for encouraging/forcing kids to make Mother’s Day cards on the Friday before that strange day that stirs up such a spectrum of emotions in women everywhere. This year Percy brought home a self-made ‘coupon’ for un abrazo and un beso, which has resulted in me accosting him at odd […]

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Monday’s apples

It was one of those weekends where my only survival strategy was focusing on the fact that Monday would, eventually, arrive and the boys would go back to school. And I could return to the bliss of #nicolaonspringbreak. ‘Bye! I love you all!’ one of the boys yelled as he walked out the door this […]

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Spring Break. For Real.

April Fool’s has passed, so I declare the following without even a hint of hyperbole: I’m on day 5 of the best vacation. Of my life. What’s that? You thought the boys were on Spring Break last week? They were. But the only thing that set the ‘break’ apart from any other week was the […]

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