The White Board

I picked Percy up from school yesterday and he handed me a de rigueur ‘Mother’s Day is Sunday’ confection carved out of bright yellow and red cardstock. ‘It’s a boat! With sails!’ I exclaimed, gazing at the red trapezoidal shape and the two yellow hand-shaped cut outs serving as sails. ‘No, it’s a flower pot,’ he […]

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Fool’s errand, part deux

We drove to Kalispell without a clear sense of what we might do when we got there. Our children, whether suffering the after-effects of ingesting pool water, or having eaten too much junk, were all in various stages of poor health; handling it in much the same manner as those afflicted with the worst of […]

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The Retirees

Unlike most of the world, who left academia behind the day they graduated from college, our lives continue to be ordered around semesters and breaks. Thus a new year brings not only a change in the calendar, but also adjustments to the professor’s teaching load and work schedule. And so, the schedule it took me the […]

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The Concert

Mere days after we returned from the heartland, the professor and I had a date to see Brandi Carlile in concert. He’d bought the tickets on my birthday, after I’d suggested we try to catch her show in Grand Rapids during our week in Michigan. I scrambled to feed the boys dinner and raced to […]

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Truthdays with Jason

The professor and I had adopted the pseudo-habit of going out for coffee on Thursday mornings, courtesy of the fact that he had no classes to teach and all three of our boy-children were in school. Pseudo-habit, because stuff like dentist appointments, field trips and visiting faculty have managed to eat up every Thursday since […]

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Truthdays with Jason

This school year, with all three boys in school for portions of each day, has been what some might call ‘a bust’. In true Nicola-fashion, I entered the arrangement without giving much thought to it, then for a fleeting moment (likely after dropping off the boys that first morning) I decided it was going to […]

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