Fool’s errand, part deux

We drove to Kalispell without a clear sense of what we might do when we got there. Our children, whether suffering the after-effects of ingesting pool water, or having eaten too much junk, were all in various stages of poor health; handling it in much the same manner as those afflicted with the worst of […]

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Fool’s errand

After a rather lengthy (five year) process that involved three attempts and several outrageously stupid mistakes – paperwork that was mailed out one day too late, and submitting the wrong paperwork only to be told to repeat the process – four out of five Johnsons finally got pseudo permission to remain in Canada. Indefinitely. Four out of […]

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Testing, Testing

With colleague-friends visiting from out of town, the professor deemed Wednesday the day for the requisite out-of-towner trip to Lake Louise. Future visiting colleague-friends beware: if you are in town for more than 48 hours, the professor will insist on taking you to what is, admittedly, one of the finer sights in all of nature. […]

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Gone year

It was the worst of years, it was the best of years. I’m not prone to reflecting on a year once it’s past, but sometimes the internet with its year-in-review everything – blogs, photo collages, thoughtful essays ‘liked’ by multitudes – pressures you into doing things you wouldn’t otherwise dream of doing. [Like pinterest, for example.] […]

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A good book is hard to find

Good, frugal citizen that I am, I spend a fair amount of time at my local public library – checking out books I don’t have time to read, and dvds I have neither time nor inclination to watch. This slight compulsion inevitably results in tens of dollars of late fees, which I repay. Only to […]

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New Year’s Amusements

‘Tis the time of year when many Calgarians bolt for places where snow is but a granular substance found inside a glass globe. But we Johnsons prefer to stay put, refusing to miss even a flake of the white stuff, unable to skip one of the two hundred and ten days of winter each year. […]

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