Left Behind

Spiralling into snow madness.

Dear Jenerous Traveler

Greetings from the city that loves to shiver… and shovel.  I am taking up this challenge to answer your fun(ny) posts with news of a different variety.  While you engage in sisterhood we will rise to the challenge of the CBE’s regularly scheduled 4 day weekend.


The neighbor and I are in a bit of a shovel-off.  Early this morning before I deigned to greet the day, I heard the unmistakable grinding of plastic on concrete and the eerie silence that just meant that forecasters aren’t always wrong.  Apparently polar vortexes are out and weather bombs are in.

I returned fire a few hours later, with the persistent snow having invalidated his efforts. We are now in round three each having completed the exercise in futility two more times.  Tomorrow due to our coinciding off days I will be conscripting the children into this effort.  I can already imagine the joy emanating from the same little mouths that whine about going outside on days when the sun is shining.

While you were enjoying delicious treats while floating through the air being entertained by some of our leading comedic lights, we were being subjected to your youngest offspring’s choices of entertainment.  Yes the giant pile of old DVDs is being revisited over the howls of disapproval from his older brothers.   The selection of tonight’s movie was as tense a decommissioning a bomb. Each of us holding our breaths and grimacing as he ran his fingers over Finding Nemo and Elmo before appearing to touch Igor… “That’s a good one let’s do that one” blurted the Gort, releasing a sigh of relief at the narrowly averted disaster.

Enjoy the $10 coffees, rubbing shoulders with the cultured masses and the company of adults while we descend into the winter version of the Lord of Flies.  (Good news! It stopped snowing. Not so good news. Temperature dropped another 5 degrees.)

Yours Truly….


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