Stream of Consciousness

[8:45am] Sit down at computer to work on research project. Come up with yet another word-configuration for ‘best practices complex needs care staffing’ that I haven’t used on my previous 40 attempts over the course of the last week.

‘complex needs care staffing best practices’

‘complex needs care staffing’

‘staffing complex needs care’

‘staff retention complex needs care’

Because I haven’t yet found a configuration that will give me the information I actually need.

Hit enter and review search results. Twenty percent of entries are in that faded purple font which means I’ve already clicked on them, looked at them…..and found nothing.

I wonder what Kate and William are doing on their Royal Tour today? Really, I wonder what Kate is wearing today. Open another tab, do a google search for the royals.

She’s wearing a taupe dress. And a white and grey dress. They’re standing in front of a big rock. Boring.

Back to complex needs. Maybe I should make coffee.

Leave desk to grind coffee beans and boil water.

Should I eat cereal? Or oatmeal? Review nutritional information on bag of Mesa Sunrise. Choose oatmeal.

Pour oats in a bowl, mix with milk, water, cinnamon and coconut sugar…microwave…likely wrecking any nutritive value.

Ladle cooked oatmeal into bowls for me and Percy and the professor. Dispatch Percy to carry the professor’s downstairs.

Back to the computer. Check Facebook. Again. Mentally review Nicola’s Hierarchy of Needs: what else can I do to postpone the inevitable searching for help in all the wrong places? Do I need to eat anything else? Make more coffee? That first cup is certainly a distant memory….

Oh right, I never actually made the coffee.

Boil water again. Make coffee.

Back to complex needs. Or maybe email? Facebook? Oh look, the mail lady is here…..with mail that is not addressed to anyone who lives here.

Back to complex needs.

‘Can you play Mario on the wii with me,’ the 4 year old approaches my ‘workspace’.



3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. Somehow, you plagiarized my life. Replace “complex needs” with “globalization paradox”; the oatmeal with a Chocolate Danish (it was gross and not worth the calories) and Mario with Skate 3 and you’ve successfully summarized my day.

  2. You get some really weird “likes” in your blogroll… drinking a coffee. waiting for students to submit work for me to grade. why do I make them do work. it just makes me do more work. and some of it makes me sad. deeply sad. you know who you are kid. just turn the freaking thing in already..

  3. Tan, I take an odd amount of comfort in that. I’m not the only super-distracted worker in the world! JSJ, yes I’m extremely popular in spamworld.


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