Flood Day 2013

We’ve lived in Calgary for almost five years, which, for the record is officially the longest we Johnsons have lived anywhere ensemble. In these nearly-five years, school has never been cancelled or delayed due to snow or fog or what have you. But that remarkable track record came to a halt today when all Calgary schools were cancelled due to….flooding!?

Late Thursday night there was talk of boiling drinking water and line-ups at gas stations. So I headed out to Safeway just before 11pm to procure a couple of large vats of drinking water and fill up the teal special which was headed towards empty anyway.  Just-in-case.

And in classic-Nicola mode, I resorted to cleaning the basement (interspersed with my continued half-hearted efforts to beat level 86 on Candy Crush), certain that staying up until 3:30am folding laundry and sorting through Tinker Toys would guarantee the absence of flooding in our domicile.

Late morning we drove to nearby Edworthy Park for a closer look at the swollen Bow River, after traffic and road closure reports convinced us that driving anywhere else would be futile. The road to the park was closed but the road to the dog park was open and we gathered with plenty of other curious onlookers in the foggy, rainy morning, surrounded by dogs and vicious mosquitoes undoubtedly pleased by the abundance of rainfall. ‘Maybe it’s good we’re going to Indiana,’ the professor muttered, as we swatted aimlessly and unsuccessfully at the creatures that assailed us.

The initial drizzle eventually turned into a rather vigorous rain and it’s fair to say no one was happy to be outside, least of all Percy. Who, even when we were back in the car, was still wailing about how he didn’t want to go on a walk. ‘But you’re not walking now,’ the Gort tried to reason with him. And then the tyke fell asleep.

Which was just as well since I was trapped inside Safeway for the better part of 30 minutes trying to procure bacon and eggs for brunch.







4 thoughts on “Flood Day 2013

  1. Well, I have been here for a long long time and I have never seen anything like this. This will become the great flood of 2013 and I’ll tell my grandchildren about it.

  2. Whoops, sorry Susan. We’ll probably be there around the 2nd/3rd week of July? Will you guys be there? And Roberta, I agree it’s crazy. SO much water.

    1. we will be here the second week….not sure about the third. Will you be “holing” up in Muncie? Once you know your dates, shoot them my way and we will try and get a set date on the calendar if possible!


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