The couple that matched

Let’s be honest, Facebook is rarely entertaining these days. Between the preponderance of weight loss advertisement, slightly-boring-statuses (stati?) and Candy Crush updates, I often wonder why I bother checking my account more than once a day.

But sometimes my FB friends link to interesting news articles that I certainly would not have discovered on my own. And today, was such a day.

Meet the couple who’s been wearing matching clothes for 35 years.

The article is delightful, peppered with gems like: ‘Whenever I see flamingo fabric, I buy some and make us an outfit; we now have more than 40 in their own special closet.’ [Because Donald, the man-half of the matching-clothes-equation, designed the ubiquitous pink flamingo lawn ornament, hence the particular fondness of flamingo fabric.] And another smile-inducing quote: ‘whoever gets there first gets to choose what we’re wearing. It’s not a stampede, though; we’re both amenable to the other’s choice. If we’re going to a party, we’ll discuss what to wear like any other couple, except the difference is we want to look the same.’

Since it was kind of a slow, dreary day at home, and my only option for entertainment was cleaning my thoroughly obliterated house for the 4th time in as many days, I decided the professor and I needed to match, too.

It just so happened that I was wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt (which I may or may not have also worn the previous day) and he just so happens to have a blue and white striped t-shirt (stuffed in the back of a dresser drawer).

Ta-da. (Please note, I’m also wearing a pair of his Puma sneakers to complete the effect.)

DSC_5285 DSC_5292

6 thoughts on “The couple that matched

  1. “As we spend all our time together, we always eat the same food, too, which is good because we have matching stains on our outfits.” this was my favorite gem.

  2. Love that 1st picture!
    I attended a conference in Mauritius in 2011 and at the hotel there were a lot of honeymooning couples. There was one very young couple who wore matching outfits very day. Will keep my eyes out for an article about them in the mid 2040s 🙂


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