The Family that sits together…..

‘Twas that time of year again. A time when teachers convene for two days, bookended by a dubious holiday named ‘Family Day’, resulting in five.straight.days of meandmyboys.

Perhaps if I were like some of my Facebook friends, jetting off to Mexico or California or even BC (British Columbia as the non-locals call it), the prospect of five full days chez nous would not be as…troubling. But alas, this mini Winter break always coincides with one of the professor’s busiest weeks, so unless I want to embark on epic adventures without the benefit of a co-pilot (and I don’t, yet), our only remaining option is to become better acquainted with the inside of our domicile.


[Because this particular Family long-weekend also coincided with several nasty boy coughs and one malfunctioning adult foot.]

To kick off the five days in an appropriately festive manner, we [meaning the boys] wrapped ourselves in bubble wrap, placed toques on our heads and ran around the house for a while.


And much of the rest of our time together was devoted to trying to beat level 5-6 on the wii’s Super Mario Bros., and the watching of E.T. and  The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. I mistakenly reserved the latter at the library, whilst browsing online for the Indiana Jones movies of my childhood. So imagine my surprise when I loaded the [first of 12!] DVDs and found it was a story about a seven or eight years old Indiana Jones travelling around the world with his parents in the early 1900’s.

Fortunately the boys became rather enamoured with the series (save a few boring plot-lines here and there) and kept asking to watch ‘one more’. Thus, though we may not have been to any exotic locales in the last week, we did pay virtual visits to Egypt, France, Italy, Russia, India and China. Though the destinations varied, each adventure had a similar format: the Jones’ travel to a new location, Indy disobeys his parents’ strict instructions resulting in cultural catastrophe or property damage of some kind, Indy sneaks out or runs away, inevitably getting into more trouble, causing his parents (or tutor) considerable worry, they are reconciled…..and then they move on to the next place.

I couldn’t help but be amused by the older boys’, especially the Gort’s, outrage at Indy’s repeated folly. When I gently reminded them of the many things I ask them, daily slash repeatedly, to do (or not do as the case may be), which prove to be very difficult for them…..they were suddenly, sheepishly, silent.



All five of us watched E.T. one night and I couldn’t help but reflect that I must have been around the Gort’s age when I first/last saw it. And though it’s not one of my favorite movies (at all) and though I don’t have really any memory of the movie (save the music and ‘E.T. phone home’ and Ell-i-utt wearing a hooded sweatshirts whilst riding a bicycle in the sky, I found it sweet to be sitting on the floor next to my three (!) boys, thirty (!) years later, in Canada (!) attempting to concentrate on the ‘alin’ movie whilst Percy muttered ‘E.T. phone home’ repeatedly, the Hen worried aloud that it was either too creepy or scary, and the Gort pretended he was too cool to sit close to his mom. (So I paid him a piece of gum to sit next to me.)

Ah, life.


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