The Shift {Day 58}

The day I’d been dreading all summer finally happened last Friday. On Thursday, the weather was fine. The boys were playing nicely. We’d had dinner with friends. The kids had splashed around in a small pool. It was, perhaps, the quintessential summer evening. ‘We really have had a great summer,’ I reflected. Despite the conspicuous absence of scenery-change [also known as vacation or travel plans.]

And then we went to bed. And while we slept, a cold wind blew in. Except, instead of bringing us Juliette Binoche (a la Chocolat) it brought us……..fall. Or, at the very least, the beginning of the end of summer.

When we woke up, the house – with its open windows – was cold. And later that evening, when the Gort and I were driving to the bookstore on a special mother-son date, I saw it. Them.

‘Look!’ I nearly cried, pointing to the grassy median. My dutiful son looked in the direction I was pointing. ‘No!’ he nearly cried. ‘Get back on the trees!’

Yes. There were leaves. In the grass. Discarded from trees.

Two days later we went out for a little walk slash bike ride en famille. I hung back with Percy who is a bit of a dawdler when not in someone’s arms. There were yellow leaves – on the bike paths. In the grass. In the trees.

The beginning of the end.

6 thoughts on “The Shift {Day 58}

  1. Blah. Noticing it here, too. I’ve had to turn the heat on just in case the past 2 nights… and it has been ‘on’ when we woke up in the morning. In August. Seriously?

  2. Rachel, I know! The only reason the heat doesn’t come on over here….is because we turned the thermostat off. Summer forever might be boring but I’m SO not interested in seeing winter anytime soon.

  3. Oh come on! Winter is 2 or 3 months away yet. I love fall!! Love it. Love the smells and the crisp air and the not too hot to move weather. YEAH! Love it love it love it! Oh and I’m optimistic that our house ordeal will end soon. Most of the great Davis events happen in the fall.

    1. Berta, I’m as fond of yellow leaves as the next person. But I’m still emotionally scarred after suffering through four way-too-long winters here. I realize winter won’t happen until November-ish. But I still won’t be ready for it, even then. Yesterday in the car the Hen said he couldn’t wait for snow so he could play outside. I shuddered. Visibly.


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