The Car Wash {Day 49}

I really wish I was one of those moms who, during the long, warm months of summer enthusiastically totes her offspring to the nearest splash park or pool. Several times.

But I’m not. For some reason, I have not yet been able to transcend the mental barrier(s) that keeps me from frequenting public swimming/splashing facilities: I don’t want to wear a bathing suit. I don’t want to walk through the gross-tile-floor changing rooms, much less utilize them. I don’t want to breathe in the damp, heavily chlorinated air. And I don’t want to spend the entire time counting heads. Because while my boy-children like splashing in water, they don’t actually want to learn to swim.

So instead of all that rigamarole, I take the boys to the car wash. And let them run around the car while I spray off layers of dirt with a pressurized hose. It costs four dollars. It lasts four minutes.

And, at the end of it all, I have a clean-ish car and happy children.

One thought on “The Car Wash {Day 49}


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