The Zucchini Kings {Day 43}

The professor came home last night after an evening run to check on our community garden box. His arms were filled with….zucchini. Like 6 or 7 or 8 large green courgettes. ‘More?’ I asked in a slightly dejected voice. Because he’d come back on Monday with another mini-armload of the same. And I’d already made a tomato-zucchini pasta dish for dinner, baked four dozen zucchini muffins and placed ziploc bags of shredded zucchini in my freezer.

How much more zucchini could a girl use?

I asked the professor if there would be another bountiful harvest in the near future. He looked at me with large, slightly horrified eyes. ‘There’s, like, 20 of them [still clinging to the plants for life.]’

Not what I wanted to hear.

‘We’re the zucchini kings!’ the Gort crowed at the sight of the [many] shiny green things.

‘Yes,’ I smiled feebly.

Muffins, anyone?

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