Deceptively Delicious {Day 17}

During the third week of summer vacation, we found ourselves with a bit of a spinach harvest from our community garden box. None of the Johnsons is a huge fan of cooked spinach beyond spinach triangles and slivers of spinach in pasta. So I stuffed a bunch of the leaves in the freezer for future use in….smoothies.

I made a personal discovery early in the summer that frozen spinach added to smoothies potentially boosts their nutritive value without a noticeable change in taste. [Though it did change my previously purplish-pink smoothies into a less appetizing brownish-purple color.] I say ‘potentially’ because I started out adding rather small amounts of the frozen greens.

But one day I made myself a vibrant green smoothie without bothering to add copious amounts of blackberries and raspberries to mask the color. Without telling the boys why the drink was green, I offered them a taste and they all liked it.

So I started making their smoothies green and kept this up for a while, doing my best to hide the fact that spinach was responsible for the color. But one day the Gort caught me in the act of dumping leaves into the blender. ‘You put spinach in the smoothies? That’s how they’re green?!’ And so the hidden spinach gig was up.

I fully expected a revolt, but they’ve continued drinking them. Because, as I keep reminding the skeptical professor, you don’t really taste the spinach.

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