Naps and Fireworks {Day 4}

There’s a shift happening at the Johnson home. We’re slowly but surely moving out of the hyper-vigilant, all-consuming little-little kid phase and morphing into a family with ‘young children’.

The pack ‘n play is gone. The booster seat for the dining table is gone. The baby gate is gone. Most of the baby toys are gone, too. And by the end of the summer I suspect we will also be a pacifier-less, crib-less, diaper-less household. [Assuming certain boys named Percy cooperate.]

No diapers for the first time in eight and a half years? That’s just…weird.

Though I find myself staring nostalgically at our ‘baby’ who is no longer a baby, there’s no denying this stage of life comes with its own set of perks.

Like when I took the two younger boys to the zoo a couple of weeks ago – I didn’t take a stroller. For the first time in eight and a half years, I went on a fairly lengthy outing with child(ren) and did not take the stroller. Percy……walked. Actually, he ran, because walking beside the people you came with is just so….boring.

And when the professor suggested on Canada Day that we take the boys to see the fireworks, I agreed – even though fireworks don’t start until close to 11pm – because these days the prospect of taking all three boys out into the world is considerably less daunting than it used to be.

But even so, we don’t yet have children who can gracefully navigate the late evening hours without the benefit of some afternoon ‘rest’, aka naps. Which is why we mandated naps in the early afternoon. Percy, who still loves some alone time in his crib, had the least trouble of anyone with this arrangement. The Hen, who only likes to nap in the car while it’s moving, was less than enthused, but once horizontal on the couch with a blanket and a pillow, he drifted right off to sleep.

As in ‘I’m taking a nap now’ and, poof, he was out. And with his feet resting on my stomach, I had no choice but to join him in slumber. Now that I’m operating sans caffeine, I don’t navigate the late evening hours particularly gracefully either.

[The Gort pretended to sleep in an armchair for 5 minutes. And in the car on the way to the fireworks. But he didn’t actually sleep. Too enthralled by Spain beating Italy 4-0, I suppose.]

Around 10pm, we parked the car along Crescent Road, and joined a handful of people sitting on a grassy hill above the city. The view was lovely, though the lightning in the northeast was less so. ‘Maybe we’re here to see God’s fireworks,’ the eight year old mused.

Please note this picture was taken at 10pm not at 7.30pm. No wonder the boys can’t fall asleep at a decent time.

Another lovely photo op, twenty minutes before the fireworks began.

But the lightning did not turn into a storm. And the man-made fireworks were rather good. Until next year, Calgary! Or next week [Stampede], if we’re still feeling ‘undaunted’.

4 thoughts on “Naps and Fireworks {Day 4}

  1. Well you know, just trying to correct various deficiencies. I am still drinking [decaf] coffee. When I give up chocolate, that’s when you really have to worry!


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