It’s the final countdown

It’s mid-ish June in Cal-gehry and that can only mean two things: (1) It rains. All the time. As the professor remarked the other day, ‘I really like May in Calgary a lot better than June in Calgary.’ And I concurred, ‘Yeah, May is full of promise – summer is coming. And in June you realize, summer is not coming.’ Not for a while, anyway.

And you’re sitting inside your house wearing jeans and a fleece jacket while your Midwestern Facebook friends complain about the horrendous heat. [For the record I’d much rather wear jeans and a fleece jacket in June than deal with ninety degrees.]

The sun actually shone here on Wednesday or Thursday and my Venture informed me it was about 73 degrees Fahrenheit, right when I thought to myself: ‘whoa, it’s hot today.’

Along with the rain and unpredictable weather there’s the other matter of (2) School is almost out. For sixty-eight days. 

See, around this time of year, you might hear other moms talking about how they can’t wait for school to be over. And this makes you, the less-than-enthused parent, feel guilty. Like maybe you don’t love your child(ren) enough because you are, in fact, slightly afraid of spending 68.consecutive.days with three boys aged 8, 4 and 2.

So this year I am determined to make Summer 2012 the most exhilarating summer of our lives. [Hyperbole.] There is a Google Doc in my email called ‘Summer Schedule’. With 68 days on it, ready to be filled with all kinds of awesomeness.

I have surveyed local friends on fun things to do and good places to visit. I’ve checked out books from the library on more fun things to do and fun games to play and!

This year, there will be no exodus to the land of heat and humidity and Target. I will not gain five (ten?) pounds from sitting in the car for a week, drowning my sorrows in bags of chocolate and terra chips.

Instead, we will be Calgarians. We will spend sixtyeightdays in Alberta. We are going to carpe diem and all of that.

Stay tuned……..

5 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown

  1. If you and Jason need some adult time, I will look after the boys on a weekend!! I’ve done it before and we all survived…my track record is 100% for keeping children alive whilst in my care 🙂

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