Sunshine and Happiness

It will soon be four years since we landed on Canadian soil, and I have to say Calgary is growing on me. Not in a blinded by love kind of way, I’m a little too [brutally?] honest for that.

Like when my neighbor-across-the-alley looked me in the eye and said ‘Calgary is an awesome city,’ I raised my eyebrows, thinking of things like architecture, urban planning, cost of real estate and Safeways that don’t open until 8am. ‘Okay, maybe it’s not awesome,’ she conceded……after admitting she spends most of the summer out of the province.

Indeed. But what is awesome about Calgary, is being outside in Spring. And Summer. And, really, Fall.

Is there anything better than being out on a sunny day with bright blue skies and puffy white clouds with a cool breeze blowing in the air? And happy children?


In fact, as we were traipsing through one of the loveliest neighborhoods in the city, where a 3000 square feet bungalow will set you back a cool 3 – million – I couldn’t help but think I’d rather be walking the pavements with my slightly dirty, soggy, snotty, still-wearing-yesterday’s-soccer-clothes-he-slept-in clan than living in one of the impeccable riverview homes without.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Happiness

  1. I think you would love living in Seattle. I feel the same way here 🙂 Oh, and I am loving the changing photo headers – so cheery!

    1. Rachel – we were just talking about Seattle that very same day. I just love how green it is….all the time!


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