Alternatively titled: Cause and Effect

Staying up late watching Mad Men….three times.

Getting up fifteen minutes before school starts….three times.

Pizza. Vietnamese. Doughnuts. McDonald’s. Doughnuts. Subway. Pizza. Allinthesameweek.

Boys wear pajamas for twenty-four hours. Straight.

Cookies made from whole wheat flour because I wasted all the white flour….on homemade playdoh. ‘They’re……okay,’ was the verdict.

Home-haircuts for all three boys.[Shootmenow.]

Birthday cake with frosted marshmallows. Try frosting them ten minutes before you have to pick up the kids for optimum anxiety attack.

Letting Percy nap from 3-5pm so I could deal with seven older boys running around the house whilst throwing food, removing their shirts and generally destroying the place.

Watching Water Horse with the wide awake twopointfive year old until 11pm.

Boys running barefoot on the deck while it sleets-hails.

Percy gets a cold.

Grocery shopping on a Saturday night, whilst wearing an extra-large orange man’s shirt used for painting.

Leave [washed] load of laundry in washing machine for two days.

Next week has to be better.

2 thoughts on “Whataweek

  1. OH NO! I couldn’t have a slinky as a child because my mother heard of a child who wrapped it around its neck and choked. I remember this, so I was likely at an age where I was long past the phase of wrapping things around my neck. You are no good for the phobias Betty has passed down to me. Stairs first, now slinkies! YIKES!

  2. Berta, rest assured – he was only partially wrapping it around his chin with both of his hands on either end of the slinky. It rendered the toy useless for future stair descending expeditions and I had to throw it away the next day.


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