Another obsession [The Draft Collection*]

*From October 2011

I had to make desserts for various events last Friday, Saturday and Monday. And by the time Monday rolled around, I was feeling rather uninspired. Decidedly uninterested in making any of my (tasty) standby’s.

And then I saw this recipe which I have to admit did not make my heart lurch with excitement. But part of not knowing what to make for my dessert obligations was due to the fact that my pantry was on the bare side of the spectrum. And the chocolate snap recipe was relatively simple: flour (I had barely enough for a double batch), sugar(s), cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

So I made the snaps. Largely because I had all the ingredients on hand.

And then I tasted the snaps. The excitement I felt over finding a recipe for which I had all the components faded quickly. Because the snaps were….rather plain. Not bad – just not ‘take-to-a-social-function-as-dessert’ worthy.

But by the time I realized all of this, the clock was ticking and things looked grim. And then I remembered these (very labor intensive cookies) I’d made a few years ago. Perhaps I could make a salted caramel filling and create a cookie sandwich?

And then it was nearly the eleventh hour, the professor was in Banff and there was no way I could try to avoid scorching caramel while making dinner and dealing with the boys.

So I made ganache instead. Cream. Chocolate chips. No fear of scorching. (A little liquid-y without the four-hour ‘set’ time, but nothing a few minutes in the freezer couldn’t fix.)

And, just to be fancy, I added sea salt. Because isn’t there sea salt in everything these days?

The professor walked through the door just before 7 and I flew out the door – already late. A woman sitting next to me bit into one of the cookies and I held my breath, nervous that she was about to pronounce it awful without realizing that I was responsible for the horror upon her palate.

‘Oh my goodness,’ she muttered with her mouth still full of cookie, ‘I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.’ She turned towards me, ‘if you like chocolate, you should really try these.’

‘I made them,’ I fessed up, if only to indicate that I’d already ‘tried’ several.

Soft. Chewy. Chocolatey. And easy.

It’s pretty much a winner. Or at least that’s what I told myself when I made them again on Wednesday.


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