All [Good?] Things Must Come to an End

A four year run seems pretty good

Even if the stories haven’t always been

Time for a break, perhaps?

To the ‘eight or nine’ loyal readers, thanks for indulging my non-stories. You will surely be rewarded for your good humor. Maybe not. And thanks, especially, to those who encouraged my attempts at storytelling. I’m more grateful for those kindnesses than you’ll probably ever know!

31 thoughts on “All [Good?] Things Must Come to an End

  1. Noooooooo! Say it’s not so! I love checking in to see what the you and the guy Johnsons are up to and how you always manage to put quite the funny spin on your daily life. You deserve a break, of course, but I hope it’s not a long one. (she said selfishly) I know you will channel your considerable creativity elsewhere in the meantime!

  2. Wait, you aren’t posting anymore? Oh I will miss the stories where if I merely changed the names (and sometimes sex) of the child being discussed, it could be my family.

    I will look forward to future posts. Heck, maybe I will eventually get my life organized enought that I can return to the blog I started seven months ago.


  3. Whhhaaa??? That seems like a terrible idea??!! Its become a regular Smith family occurance that I chuckled at the computer and Jeff says, “Nicola?” And I sigh and say, “she’s just so funny!!!” I agree with your ma… one week break!!

  4. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. As in, no more writing? Well, then I expect you to come to my house a few times a week and relay funny stories and other events to make me laugh. seriously.

  5. That’s crazy… I need you like I need a latte to get thru my day. Your stories always make me smile and breathe…

  6. It can’t be….If I can’t share a chat with you over coffee here on the West Coast at least I can read about your shananigans. Take a little break if you must, but only if it because you are doing some travelling??

  7. Wow, I understand the need for a break, but I’ll certainly miss your wit and struggles to parent as we have. Thanks for sharing!

  8. A. Don’t do this. We will miss it too much. and B. Where did you get that $20 bill? C. is pretty much the same as A…. we need us some laughs and cries….

  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Don’t stop. I love reading your blog…makes me feel like we are kinda still nearby each other. how will I keep up with you now…. Calgary & Perth are just tooooo far apart!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yeah…I’m with all these folks. Booooooo! The only way I will forgive you is if you write a book instead. If you run out of source material, come on over. 😉

  11. I am not ok with this. Seriously? What website will I go to when I need a little ‘pick me up’? I know I’m being selfish here, I get that, and yet I don’t care. PLEASE CONTINUE!

  12. Okay, I had a very witty response to this post which unfortunately seems to have been gobbled by the gnomes in my computer. To paraphrase, it went something like – NOOOOOOO! (However will I cope without regular giggles and thoughts of what would Nicola do?)

  13. I’m resisting the urge to scream “Noooooooo!!!!!!”

    I totally get it. Regular blogging is a big demand on incredibly limited time. I understand, and I respect the decision to keep real life in the forefront.

    We Joneses will miss you in the meanwhile.

  14. [Tan, the thought did cross my mind – to end with one of my epically awesome poems, but the kids were yelling, yada yada yada.] Thanks for the sweet comments everyone. Sadly there’s no real purpose to the break other than the oft-used ‘to spend more time with my family’. Wait, I don’t really want to spend more time with my family. I know it’s got to be killing you, missing out on the fantastic exchanges of the Johnson household, like last night’s GEM: ‘you’re not, like, cooking meth on the side, are you?’ the professor asks me at midnight, after he watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. Funny, of all the things I worry I’m capable of, cooking meth is strangely, not one of them. On a completely different note, this soup is good. Toodles!

  15. Aw, nuts! = (
    I love your writing, Nicola — you’re kinda my hero as a mom and blogger. At least be sure to update on facebook often so that you can still piece together the material later for your wildly successful book and/or one-woman show leading to a movie contract. All the best! = )

  16. now you have had a break for a week… time to write again, I am having Nicola withdrawals. You make me laugh & I feel normal because your family sounds similarly like ours… just a few thousand km’s apart! C’Mon you can do it, all Mums need some time to themselves… even if it is just to make others smile & have a laugh with you & your family stories. Pleeeeeeaaaassssseee reconsider!

  17. Drew, can you send me the link to this Dickens person’s blog? Sounds like something I need to read. Alrighty kind friends, I’ll make each of you regret your comments with another scintillating tale of Christmas tree-cutting.


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