Let them eat (some) cake

I realize it falls on the bottom of the nano-scale-of-problems, but having two children with birthdays one day apart is…challenging. If they’d been on the same day – which I’d hoped desperately to avoid when I was pregnant with Percy – I could just have one big celebration. But as it stands, one born on the 27th and one born on the 28th, we must celebrate twice.

Birthday pancakes for one. Birthday waffles for another. Cake for one…and cake for another. Much as I love cake, and I do, I really can’t justify creating two entire birthday cakes in as many days. That’s a lot of cake for five people to consume. Five people who are definitely capable and willing, but still.

So this year, I made one batch of cupcakes, figuring I could use half of the batch for Percy’s celebration and the other half for the Hen’s. And so we’d only consume one batch instead of two. But the Hen had asked, expressly, for a robot cake, so I would somehow need to fashion a bunch of cupcakes into a convincing robot shape.

I thought I was doing a good job, when the professor looked at my work: ‘that looks like a bug,’ he observed in the casual manner of one unaware he is causing another great distress. And, later – separately – the Gort chimed in. ‘That’s a cool robot. Well, it’s really more like an ant….a bug robot?’

And the Hen was disappointed that he didn’t have a ‘big’ cake – meaning, I suppose, he wanted a robot created out of a sheetcake, not a bunch of little circles. Ah, life.

Every year, when the birthday celebrations roll around, I run into the same problem: trying to remember which birthday cake recipe I’d used the previous year. My go-to recipe on the Joy of Baking website, appears to have been deleted, replaced with this one which is similar, but not quite right.  And, I think I used Ina Garten’s recipe for chocolate cupcakes (sans peanut butter frosting) one year.  But then again, maybe I didn’t.

So I got the brilliant idea to use the first recipe which was decidedly ‘healthier’ than Ina’s, using neither butter nor sour cream and certainly not together. (And, it should be said, was not entirely delicious.)

Which was actually a good thing, since neither I nor the professor were desperate for seconds…or thirds.

3 thoughts on “Let them eat (some) cake

  1. This is a great idea – honorary birthdays in January! Complete with adorable cakes from the Disney Family Fun website. (I did make myself an honorary birthday carrot cake yesterday….)


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