Summer’s coming

‘Mom, what’s your favorite thing about summer,’ the Gort asked me last week. ‘Being outside, going for walks,’ I replied. Because it’s true and because I couldn’t think of anything more snappy to say. ‘What’s your favorite thing about summer,’ I asked, expecting him to say something like ‘no school’. ‘Ice cream,’ he replied. Definitively.

And so we found ourselves, at the start of the ‘May Long [weekend]’, heading to Fish Creek Park for the first time in several months. We unloaded bikes. The Gort sped ahead – on his training wheels – while we adults took turns pushing the stroller and bringing up the rear with the red-helmet-wearing Hen. Who screeches to a halt – by dragging his feet along the asphalt – whenever he senses a teensy bit of [downward or upward] slope in the trail.

This proved to be particularly problematic when done on an incline. Because a bike starts moving backward fairly quickly, he discovered, more than once, as he veered, back-first, into the grassy area surrounding the trail. Surprisingly untroubled by the danger of it all.

‘You’re going to break your ankles,’ the professor warned, shaking his head in disbelief. As I grabbed onto the little man’s handlebars to steer him upwards or downwards. Reminding him to use the pedals to stop the bike instead of his Crocs.

It was a painful process, this shepherding a three and a half year old on a bike. Not least because the mosquitoes were out…for blood.

Our modest one-mile-ish loop…took an hour and a half.

That’s a lot of mosquitoes. Not my favorite part about summer.

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