The Napsters

I am what some may refer to as a non-napper; an anti-napper. For whatever reason, I’m not generally able to close my eyes and drift off to sleep when the sun is high in the sky. It has been this way my whole life (thus far). My mom still tells the story of how when I was in nursery school, I would lie quietly upon my nap-mat with eyes wide open….while the other kids snoozed.

But occasionally, say when a certain nineteen month old keeps me up until 2am, I find myself sufficiently tired during the day to attempt a nap. Even if it means I lie on the couch while a certain three year old hovers over me, ready to ask an unimportant question the second my eyes shut.

A couple of weeks ago, I’d had just such a night. I was tired enough to throw myself upon the couch in the off-chance it would result in even a thirty-second-nap. Percy was sleeping. The Hen was coloring at the table. Conditions were… good as they were ever going to get. I lay down and uttered intermittent ‘yes’s’ and ‘no’s’ in accordance with whatever the Hen was asking. And then the unthinkable happened. He ran over to the couch, climbed up and lay down beside me. Minutes later we were both in dreamland.

I woke up about ten minutes later, certain we had slept for hours and I’d failed to pick up the Gort from school. It was, if not the best, at least one of the better naps of my life. I couldn’t help but think of that Friends episode when Joey and Ross inadvertently nap together on the couch, much to their chagrin.

So yesterday, after Percy had dealt me another crying-until-2am night, I found myself lying on the couch half an hour before I needed to collect the first grader. ‘Henners,’ I called, patting the couch invitingly. ‘You want to snuggle with me?’ He crawled underneath the blanket and lay beside me. Eyes wide open. But he caved minutes later, unable to resist the magnetic force of the couch and the blanket and his own nearly-2pm-drowsiness.

I peeked at my partner-in-sleep. His eyes were shut. He was exhaling at precise intervals. So I allowed myself to drift off as well. And it was glorious.

3 thoughts on “The Napsters

  1. That was how I got through my pregancies. I’d put a movie on and lay down the kids would crawl up and lay on me and I’d doze!! Blissful isn’t it. Yeah for 10 minutes extra sleep.


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