The End of Hibernation: Day 10

Apparently that old adage ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’ is a pile of malarkey where Calgary is concerned. But the thing that keeps me going is that every once in a while, the sun does actually shine. And the sky is so blue it makes my pictures look fake. And if all this coincides with the chance to spend two hours walking along the banks of the Seine (I mean Bow), sans enfants, then I can abide the white stuff a little longer.

While I basked in Sunday’s sunshine, the boys holed up in the basement playing…..Wii. Because the Gort had recently been somewhat devastated when he had the chance to play Wii with a friend…and couldn’t…because he had no idea what to do. Feeling badly for my un-techno-savvy child, I emailed the professor at work: could we rent a Wii? Just for the weekend?

He actually called me two seconds after I hit send. On the phone. Which very rarely happens. But if you put the word ‘Wii’ in an email, you will get a phone call I’ve since learned.

So we borrowed a Wii from a colleague. And the boys were out of their minds with excitement. We started with tennis, since that is a game I actually sort of know how to play. The Hen stood in front of the screen shaking the control, continuously. Oblivious to the concept of actually waiting for the ball to clear the net. And the Gort swung his arm around while jumping up and down intermittently.

It was a brutal start, to be sure. But as is the gift of little people, they eventually (sort of) figured it out. Which is to say they reached a point where they could return about 40% of each other’s serves. ‘I’m getting really good at tennis,’ the Gort informed me late afternoon, ‘because I’ve been practicing!’

I can see it now, the little man standing on a (real) tennis court, jumping up and down whilst shaking his racket at random intervals. Voicing his frustrations – loudly – when he fails to score a single point.

4 thoughts on “The End of Hibernation: Day 10

  1. The girls always have a grand time playing on the Wii – even if they don’t understand what they are (supposed to be) doing. Personally, I am a big fan of boxing with my spouse. I even win occasionally – though not because of skill, more from stress relief!

  2. So you mean, you aren’t exactly as awesome in real life as you are in video games? Dang, I was looking forward to displaying my awesomeness next time two italian plumbers and a dinosaur challenged me to a race!

  3. Those are some stunning pictures!! Oh and girls, next time we have writting group we should have a wii contest. I think it would be worth the price of admission to see Mrs. B. playing!!!

  4. Kristen, I tried golf with the 3 year old yesterday. I managed to achieve par on one hole. He got a message from the Wii to ‘give up’ because he’d hit the ball 8 times and was nowhere near the fairway. Brandi, I’ll let you know if Wii awesomeness transfers to real life…next time I’m on a tennis court. Berta, perhaps we can rename our ‘writing’ group to…’wii group’.


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