The Return to Narnia: Day 9

When we left our friends’ home shortly before 11 on Friday night, it had started snowing again. There was a sprinkling of white dust on the pavement when we stepped into the night and the professor nearly lost his mind. I can’t recall exactly what he yelled, something like ‘happy freaking Spring Break’ or ‘I hate winter’ or ‘it’s freaking snowing again’ or ‘I hate Calgary.’

It was a negative statement, that much I recall.

I woke up around 2am and peeked out of the upstairs window, in the off chance that the ‘winter storm warning’ had been a cruel April Fool’s Joke. The backyard, which had come thisclose to being snow-free, was covered in white stuff. The same white stuff we’d been looking at since November….2010. Five months of snow. But who’s counting?

When we woke up in the morning there were a gazillion inches of heavy snow slopped onto our pavement. The boys stared out of the living room window in disbelief. There were robins, in our apple tree. Pitiful, fooled robins who’d thought it was going to be Spring. And then it wasn’t. They were nibbling on the lone, desiccated apple that had managed to cling to its branch throughout the miserable winter. (Which made me wonder, do birds get stomach ailments from eating rotten apples?)

It was a tough day, April 2, 2011. The ninth day of our faux-Spring Break. A day when all of Calgary’s coffee houses were chockablock full (okay, maybe just Beano’s and Bumpy’s). A day when my winter-hibernation culminated in a five pound weight gain because I ate nothing but melted cheese and peanut butter cookies to take away the pain. A day when I had the terrible misfortune of watching ‘Leaves of Grass.’

I vaguely recall a time when Edward Norton was a good actor. Apparently, that time has passed. The professor checked out after thirty minutes, but I was steadfast in my resolve to suffer through its entirety. In the off-chance there was something funny. Or witty. Or clever. Somewhere. In the entire movie.

There. Was. Not.

[‘cartoonish characters and ragged, oddly callow script’ according to one Rotten Tomatoes critic.]

But at least the day inspired some of my exceptional poetry, so it wasn’t a complete waste. [Please don’t copy this without my written consent. Or try to pass it off as your own brilliance.]

April 2
It snowed….a lot
I shoveled
The snow was heavy
with broken dreams and disappointments
but mostly water
I shoveled again
And again
And then I quit
because my shoulder hurt
and I thought my husband ought to do something
besides standing at the window taking pictures of me
life is a battlefield

3 thoughts on “The Return to Narnia: Day 9

  1. Ahhhh!! I feel your pain. In fact, I FEEL your pain, well my own pain really, but it is the same pain.

  2. T, Maybe we can drive to Honduras this summer and pick you up on the way to Indiana?! R, yes, actually I’m in quite a lot of pain from all that freaking shoveling….


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