The Man Cold: Narnia, Day 3

You can count on three things in life: death, taxes and the professor will get sick when he goes five days without (much) sleep. He turned in his latest obsession last Tuesday morning and by Tuesday night he was coughing up a lung. So predictable, really.

And thus began one man-cold. Which quickly turned into four man-colds. Because we have four of those pesky xy configurations chez nous. I got sick, too. But that’s not important, really. Because I’m double-x. We tend to just slog through these things. We don’t tend to post Facebook status updates about the ins and outs of our cold symptoms.

The professor doesn’t do this, per se, but I’ve seen plenty of ‘[blank] has a bad head cold today’ on my Facebook home page. Plenty.

There have been mournful requests for ‘lemon tea’ and Gatorade, which the professor firmly believes has some sort of medicinal quality. To stay up all night: drink one Rockstar followed by one Gatorade. To relieve a man cold: drink two Gatorades and call me in the morning.

All this to say five people in various stages of illness-recovery, does not make for a particularly happening Spring Break. Ergo we spent day three playing Connect 4. (Have you ever tried playing Connect 4 with a nineteen month old baby boy? The ‘it’s not your turn concept’ doesn’t sink in. At all.) While the professor holed up in his man-cave trying to make informed picks for his fantasy baseball whatever. ‘Where’s your dad,’ I asked the boys. ‘I don’t know, he’s doing something with football,’ the oldest shrugged.

After inhaling brownie bites with vanilla ice cream, we watched a National Geographic video about ring seals and narwhal whales. Which caused the Gort to ask for a [pet] baby ring seal. Later, the professor and I watched ‘The Kids are All Right’. Which I found lacking, somehow, despite everyone else’s insistence that it is an excellent movie.

Story of my life.

Also, it snowed. Again. Still. But it’s really more amusing than annoying at this point. Sort of like an internal bet: ‘let’s see how long this winter can really last!’

3 thoughts on “The Man Cold: Narnia, Day 3

  1. maybe when the ring seals run out of arctic ice they can just make homes in the piles of snow in our yard… safe from the “panda bears”

  2. Your break sounds exactly like ours. I had the sinus infection first (but who cares, really), then 2 yo with pneumonia, then fell the 5 year old with a cold/ear infection, and now the hubby. The 6 year old is holding his ground. It was an awesome week off… and that movie was a waste. I completely agree with you. More sticky toffee pudding I say!

  3. Rachel, yikes – pneumonia! You had a lot of ‘poor little bunny’. Let me know if you find any movies worth watching…


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