The Spring Slump

A friend sent me an email asking if the Gort’s Spring Break had started yet. It occurred to me, for the first time in three winters, that ‘Spring’ Break is a bit of a misnomer in Canadaland. Yes, the official day of Spring is March 20. But it’s been snowing all week. And the crocuses and daffodils my Facebook friends are boasting about, will not see the light of day here until perhaps the end of April. Or beginning of May.


I drove the Gort to school early yesterday morning. Most of the time when I’m driving in the car, or looking outside, I can find something that I think is beautiful. The light. The sky. A tree. Something. But not yesterday. The sky was grey. And it was snowing. Again. Still. And all that lurked underneath the snow was more brown and grey.

I’ve entered a Spring slump, I had to concede. The calendar insists it’s Spring, but it’s not. There have been no fun outings. No pictures of ‘fun’ outings. I haven’t cooked anything delicious in years, nor made any delicious dessert. (Well, I did make sticky toffee pudding….and it was delish.) Even the blogging has been bad. Either I haven’t been around funny people, or I’ve forgotten what funny looks like. Maybe both. Either way, when I’m boring myself trying to record something entirely inconsequential, there’s a pretty good chance it will be boring to others as well.

I watched ‘Date Night’ last Friday night. Sans date. Which felt a little bit sad. Coupled with the fact that I was laughing uproariously during the opening scene when the kids jump on the parents. And wake them up, demanding breakfast. And it’s barely 5am. I was sitting at home – alone – watching a movie that had received lukewarm reviews, and laughing as though it were the funniest thing I’d ever seen.

Somebody release me from the clutches of this seasonal malaise! And it’s not just me. Friends are similarly ‘enchanted’. I actually found a cooking blog (ironically, belonging to a woman from the Calgary-area) and one of her posts featured ‘Winter Sucks’ cookies.

I highly doubt icing that motto on baked goods will help me feel better about the here and now. So, how else am I to escape this Spring slump, save a month-long beach holiday in some exotic locale?

Fake it.

Leek, butternut squash and potato soup. And kale chips. It’s like sunshine and green grass. Except not.

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