You might need to get a life…..

…..if any of the following are true:

  • While building K’nex with your seven year old, you sort all the pieces by shape and color. Just to make building ‘easier’, not because you get a strange sense of satisfaction from organizing meaningless things.
  • You spend a considerable portion of your Saturday trimming cereal boxes into cardboard rectangles for the next time the little people want to paint.
  • You sweep and vacuum the vent in the dining room, not because it’s dirty, but because you really want to see if there are any of the ‘missing’ pieces from the aforementioned K’nex set.
  • You dump out two plastic containers filled with tiny Lego pieces – twice – to see if you can find any more K’nex amongst the rubble.
  • You clean under the oven, just to see if there are any…missing pieces of K’nex
  • You talk your three year old into lining up the entire bucket of cars (well over 100)….by color. And then you proceed to weed out the ones you don’t like in the lineup: ‘too big’, ‘not really the right type of car’, despite the three year old’s protests to the contrary. Whose game is it anyway?
  • You feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment because you did all of the above.

4 thoughts on “You might need to get a life…..

  1. I may need to book the room next to yours at the ol’ nuthouse. I have, at one time in my life, done at least 5 of these things.

  2. Mizukun, I think my obsession with keeping pieces of toys together might supersede my fondness for the actual toys! Tan, I’ll look for you in the nutter! Professor, you were suspiciously absent during the building phase and the recovery phase. Or is that what architects do?


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