The going gets tough



I learned in my [dented] van at 8am



complexion friendly sweater


‘and it looks like the anticipated Chinook will miss Calgary today,’

the radio announcer dashed my hopes

miss? what? Lethbridge?




I’d have to self-medicate

with sugar and fat

except I made a solemn commitment

day Three is the worst

the UPS man drops a package at my door


from my mother

I stand at a party

gazing longingly at sweet treats

mere inches from my [detoxifying] fingers

this is my moment

to redeem the girl who has spent a lifetime

glued to the food table at every party

no sweets for you!

(till Monday)

6 thoughts on “The going gets tough

  1. Come over to my place – I have lots of veggies that will help with the detox…..days 3 and 4 are always the worst, aren’t they??
    But just think, in a few days, when your body starts to feel good and you feel like you’ve kicked your habit, you will be able to get your fix again!

  2. nicola apparently closed her eyes and cured her sugar addiction in a nanosecond…. not even a bite of birthday cake today…

  3. It’s because I have tiger blood coursing through my veins. But also, the Gort’s birthday cake was so gross-looking I didn’t want to eat it. Brandi, believe me I’ve eaten an inhumane amount of clementines this week. It does sort of help. But I’d still love to tear open a huge bag of Maltesers and devour them in a nanosecond.

    Tan, Pha-LAN-ge


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