A rocky start


Twenty hours in

I’m not impressed

110 days of snow on the ground


-17 the car announced this morning


kind parking lot stranger dented my van door

and drove off

possibly thinking

‘maybe the dirty-van owner won’t notice she can’t quite shut her door’

but even with these setbacks, I kept my commitment

to the [eight or nine] readers of this blog

nary a cookie nor sweet touched my lips today

even though the professor kindly set a plate filled with fresh-from-the-oven-cookies

on my desk

pass me the asparagus, please

6 thoughts on “A rocky start

  1. If I lived near, I would pick you up in my dirty mini van and treat you to a glass of red wine. Heres hoping for warmer weather!

  2. Thanks Cindee – I would love a glass of red with you! Kim, if I had a chocolate stash, I might have raided it. Missy, perhaps the saying is true ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’. I bet the last few days of March are going to be a-w-e-s-o-m-e….


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