Goodbye February

the shortest-longest month of the year

28 days

of cold,

snot-cough quarantine, teeth explosions, little sleep

and no basement;

hunkering down with my three boy-children

in two hundred square feet of living space

you had your lovely moments too, don’t get me wrong,

mostly food-related


my pants don’t fit anymore

ergo I will start March on a diet

the ‘no-dessert-for-a-week’ diet

[books will be out in the store, soon, order now at a discounted price of $19.99]

really, it should be the ‘no-dessert-for-a-month’ diet

but I know myself


I’ll be lucky if I make it a week

hence the public proclamation

[five] readers of this blog, take note

I am going on a sugar strike

starting at midnight….because the professor just made chocolate chip cookies…

8 thoughts on “February

  1. what,no sugar? Just when I was going to take up baking … (for really, starting Thursday). and I’m pretty sure you have 8 or 9 readers! πŸ˜‰

  2. I tried giving up sugar multiple times. Since I’m trying to be positive these days, I’ll just say, I hope it goes better for you than it did me! πŸ™‚ Girl Scout cookies are getting the best of me these days… Miss you!

  3. Give up that disgusting health food chocolate stuff, carob, I think its called. Its gross any how. Its almost spring you’ll need new pants any how.

  4. That poem doesn’t even rhyme. πŸ˜‰ Must be the February blues…or all that sugar. I’ll be expecting an improvement to your poetic musings in March – ya know, cuz that month rocks in Calgary!

  5. Girls, I said ‘no dessert’ for a week. Not permanently! I’m just thinking maybe if I stop eating whole bags of toffees, daily, my pants might fit again. Also, if I could walk outside, that might help too. But if Mother Nature won’t cooperate, I’ll have to do my part. Tan, what, you don’t like my bitter pseudo haikus composed-in-the-span-of-five-minutes? PhD students are so snobby.

  6. Ooops… i obviously didn’t read this before baking…. but I can report she was strong and returned the cookies placed on her desk… uneaten…


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