Maroon 3

The oldest two boys came downstairs wearing maroon shirts. Two out of three, that’s a trend just waiting to be photographed. So I put a too-small maroon sweater on the littlest boy, thinking it would be great if I could get a picture of the three of them sitting on the couch in all their maroon glory. And I’d call it Maroon 3. Like Maroon 5. Wasn’t that the name of a band? But mine would be Maroon 3, because there are three boys. And it would be amusing.

Except it wasn’t.

Also, I asked the Hen to please move his bright red clashing-with-maroon bag off the couch. But he refused.

Happy Family Day! May yours be slightly more cohesive, or at least tear-less, than mine.

7 thoughts on “Maroon 3

  1. Yes, Kim, I started saying ‘hey you can take your boots off,’ but since it was already going so ‘well’ I just let it go.

  2. I so love these pictures. Robs nieces & nephews had the family photos to be given to the Grand parents when they were similar ages… all six of them are NOT looking at the camera, youngest is wailing. They are all now in their twenties & the picture is proudly stuck to everyones fridge, it brings a smile to everyones face… they even attempted to re enact it recently!

    1. Thanks Jaqui – that brought a smile to my face…the thought of three grown boys wearing maroon shirts while sitting on a brown couch.


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