Today was tough. It was 4.30pm and I hadn’t taken a single photo of anything I love (or, at least, really like). Lovely things had happened earlier in the day – I’d seen friends, the littlest two boys fell asleep in the van and I was able to read twenty pages of a book while waiting to pick up the Gort from school. And, when the Hen was crying in the van because he’d ripped a page from a library book….Percy held his hand.

All this sweetness..and no camera with which to capture it.

(Just for the record, there were also many, many unlovely moments during the day….like Percy screaming for most of our grocery shopping excursion, like the Hen crying in the van most of the ride home, like the Gort ‘cleaning’ the floor of the bathroom……lest anyone think the Johnsons spend their days holding hands in the car-van.)

I was two minutes away from taking a picture of ‘electricity’ (which I love!) when the Gort asked for some yogurt. What do I like to put in my yogurt? Muesli.

Ta da.

The professor has an ongoing bee in his bonnet about the cereal I purchase for household consumption; he uses charming phrases like ‘rabbit food’ or ‘colonoscopy in a box’. We were discussing his failure to eat breakfast the other day when he said something like ‘there’s only rabbit food to eat,’ and I, a wee bit defensive, countered with, ‘no, there’s a box of granola, a box of muesli and [one box of weird cereal].’ And he looked at me, shook his head, and said ‘only my wife would insist those cereals are all somehow different.’ I looked at him, aghast, ‘but they are….crunchy granola with pumpkin seeds, muesli with dried fruit and nuts, and then the weird cereal (that actually tastes pretty good.)’

One person’s rabbit food, is another person’s tasty treat.

10 thoughts on “Muesli

  1. I so miss lucky charms… they were magical…magically magical in fact… maybe not delicious but certainly magical… and it was safe to take a long hike after eating a bowl.

  2. You muesli haters! When I’m running marathons at age 90, and you all are slumped over in nursing homes with green blood running through your veins……well, then I’ll say ‘aha!’ Or something.

  3. Jason and I have the exact same discussion. Constantly. I tried to buy him “healthy granola” which he mocked and wrinkled up his nose at (while eating, reluctantly, because it was the non-Kashi or Barbara’s cereal in the house). I’ve given up this fight. He wins. I buy him the generic versions of Apple Jacks, Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Bunches of Oats, Corn Pops, and Captain Crunch. And when he gets to the bottom of the box, he pours the colored left-over sugar gunk into a cup. And eats it. Ohhhh yeaaaaa.

    1. Vicky, those last two sentences made me nauseous. Next time we see you I’ll bring sugary cereal for the Jason collective. Blech!

  4. Just warn me when you start training for your marathon! I’ll bring snacks and cheer you on, from a lawn chair.

    1. Well, I’m not planning on beginning the training until I’m 85. All this baking (butter consumption) really eats into my free-time.


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