Blue skies

‘It’s going to be plus six today,’ the professor alerted me earlier this morning. ‘That’s like forty degrees,’ he translated for our collective benefit. Forty degrees! That’s positively tropical. I hatched a tentative plan to take my blondies on some sort of outing after school.

When I looked out the window later in the morning, I noticed the sky was bright blue. Not the lovely-but-face-searing-cold blue it had been earlier in the week. Bonafide, decent-weather-blue. Am I strange for feeling instantly happier by simply looking at a cloudless blue sky?

I loaded the littlest boy-children in the van for the daily post-school pick up. The Gort ran towards me while clutching the waistband of his pants with one hand. ‘You’re wearing your brother’s pants,’ I observed-chided. ‘I know, they keep falling down…it’s embarassing!’ We walked together to the van where his brothers were waiting. ‘I’m starving!’ he announced-blamed, ‘I only had two things for lunch.’ ‘Well, why didn’t you tell Daddy you wanted three things?’ I asked the obvious question.

I made a mental note to tell the professor to put more food in the Scooby Do lunchbox, and to order a wardrobe change when our children wear pants that are three inches too short.

I stopped at Mac’s and bought a small bag of white cheddar cheese popcorn to help curb the Gort’s hunger. And I adjusted the elastic waistband in his pants so they’d stay on-ish. And then we drove to Edworthy Park. Because I couldn’t let the first outdoor excursion of 2011 be ruined by a hungry belly and a pair of ill-fitting jeans.

So we went, we saw, we walked. And we also froze a little bit because ‘someone’ consistently fails to remember that it’s at least three degrees colder and windier by the river.

The older boys ran around. The baby pushed a stubborn stroller along a snow-covered path. And I stared at the sky.

2 thoughts on “Blue skies

  1. In my defense he was sent with three lunch items… and well on the pant thing, I didn’t want to mess with his inherited sense of fashion.

  2. Oof, that’s below the belt. My pants were like an inch too short. Never three! A hint of ankle bone? Yes. A display of calf? Never. I think we need to send 5 things for lunch, that boy is crazy-hungry.


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