What a difference a day makes

Maybe I’m just bitter that I spent thirty minutes outside on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…chipping ice and shoveling snow from my sidewalks and deck. Doing my best to help Mother Nature melt away the stubborn remains of two months’ worth of snow.

Mother Nature repaid me by sending more snow.

I dropped the professor off at work on Friday. ‘When you get gas, can you go through the carwash?’ he asked, because the man gets a little antsy when the car-van is encrusted with two inches of gray-salt-residue. The weather forecast had predicted snow later that afternoon. ‘You want me to clean the car even though it’s going to snow tonight,’ I confirmed. ‘Yes,’ he decided.

The boys and I went to the bookstore and to Michael’s and on the way home I remembered about the car wash-gas request. We passed one carwash. The line of cars wrapped all around the parking lot. Next! By the time I got to the fourth car wash, I realized with great sadness, that waiting in line for a long time was going to be part and parcel of the car-washing experience. I wondered if the professor would be very upset if I just skipped the car wash. I decided he would.

So I and my three boy-wonders sat inside our car-van for one hour and twenty nine minutes…from the time I entered the line (4.05pm) to the time I exited the line (5.34pm).

‘I didn’t know we were going to be in the car for such a long time,’ my oldest lamented.

Neither did I kid, neither did I.

3 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. I drive through at night when the Jim’s home and the kids are in bed. In your climate that might mean the doors will freeze shut overnight, but at least the car will look good as you stand around cursing it.

  2. Adrienne – excellent idea! It would possibly take me less than an hour and twenty nine minutes to de-ice the frozen doors, no? No worries BranMcMuffin, I baked some cookies yesterday. But they were gross because I didn’t have any brown sugar. But I still ate them.


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