The Week of Butter

Last week was a banner week for calorie consumption chez Johnson. Thanks to various and sundry biohazard cleaning operations and the subsequent stress and pity I felt over strangers toiling in my basement, I baked a lot of cookies. A lot.

I gave [a few of] them away. But, I also ate far more than my share.

I didn’t really give much thought to my near-daily baking until I looked in the fridge and saw the butter compartment was empty. The same compartment that once held three packs of unsalted butter. Around the same time, a friend jokingly lamented that her new eating plan did not allow for the consumption of entire cups of butter. (I mean, who wants to eat an entire cup of butter anyway, right?)

Apparently I do – as long as it’s disguised with some flour and sugar and a chocolate chip or twenty. Operation fit-into-jeans-again….deferred, again, for the foreseeable future.

But aside from my clogged up arteries, the ‘week of cookies’ (four days, technically) as I’ve come to call it, made me think about all the cookies I love. There are surely thousands, perhaps even a million, cookie recipes in this world. But I could eat only seven (kinds of) cookies for the rest of my life without the need to try another recipe.

Which brings me to:

{Tuesday} I’ve devoted at least two blog posts expressing my undying affection for these Peanut Butter cookies. Put it this way…before I found this recipe, peanut butter cookies were on my ‘no thanks’ list. Along with snickerdoodles and oatmeal raisin cookies. But, no more. Now I would happily eat them for the rest of my life. Well, until such time as I’m diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Hopefully the guy cleaning my basement wasn’t allergic…

{Thursday} I learned of these Cranberry White Chocolate cookies through a random acquaintance’s blog. They’re delicious. I was sad to ‘have’ to give away a few to the guy working in my basement.

{Friday} I started making these Oatmeal Toffee cookies when we lived in Minneapolis many years ago, probably for one of the professor’s cookie exchanges at work: I’d toil to make delicious edibles, and, in return, receive candy cane shaped sugar cookies with green icing. Lucky me! Last week I shared them with a friend. Not a 50-50 share, though. More like 60-40.

{Sunday} I found the Chocolate Espresso cookies recipe shortly after the professor and I were married. Which means it’s been part of my collection for nearly fifteen years. It has a chewy, brownie-like texture and combines two of my six loves in this world: coffee and chocolate.

And, since my slightly compulsive nature requires that I list seven recipes since I privately dubbed it the ‘week’ of cookies, I’ll include my other top-cookie-recipes. Even though – for the record – I didn’t make them last week (I have a semblance of restraint.)

Everyone loves these Lime-Glazed Cookies. Unless they’re averse to the combination of lime, butter and sugar, I suppose. And I don’t know about ‘everyone’, but these Triple Ginger cookies are delicious. Ordinarily, I’d relegate molasses slash ginger cookies to the ‘no thanks’ list. But with the addition of crystallized ginger…I’ve changed my mind.

And, finally, there’s the excellent ‘Nestle-Toulouse’ cookie, as Phoebe once called it. There are probably a million chocolate chip cookie recipes, all with nano-variations on the same theme. But for my money (and since I have it committed to memory), I stick to the recipe on the back of the Tollhouse chocolate chips bag. It is also the cookie most preferred by the jenerous males.

As in…’are you making chocolate chip cookies?’ ‘No, I’m making ginger cookies’. ‘But I don’t like ginger cookies….I only like chocolate chiiiiiiiip.’


10 thoughts on “The Week of Butter

  1. Thanks for handing me the MO to halt ‘operation fit in my pants’. You are evil! Maybe I should send you some for week #2 of butter?? 🙂

  2. Rachel, perhaps an entire month devoted to butter? I could just get elastic waistband pants. Berta, no I’m actually the one crying after realizing how much butter I consumed in 4 days….Renate, that recipe was very similar (except saltier) to that one that mom always makes which is my 8th favorite cookie (and very similar in texture to the choc espresso cookie). Tan, I hear ya! The Hen has asked several times this week ‘you baking cookies today?’ And I’ve said no…even though I wanted to!

  3. It should be one of my friend litmus tests if they know about “Nest-lay Tool-hoouse” and Phoebe. And I now want to try every one of those recipes.


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