Behind the Times

I suspected as much, but I knew I was woefully ignorant about what’s current in the music world when I sent my mom and sister a youtube link to a musician I’d ‘just discovered’…..and they both replied that they had some of her songs on their ipods. (I mean, my mom has an ipod. And I don’t. But that’s an entirely different matter.)

I’ve never been hyper-aware of what’s happening in the music world, but, all of a sudden I’m completely oblivious – I don’t know any of the current ‘it-singers’. I have some sort of pop-culture amnesia about anything that happened after the Susan Boyle craze. (Actually if Susan Boyle is the only name I can come up with when pressed to describe a musical phenomenon, I might have even bigger problems.)

Apparently I’m not (necessarily) alone. A Facebook friend posted another link to a music video (that I rather enjoyed) with the caption ‘I don’t know if I’m behind the times but I havent heard her before…’ To which her ‘friends’ helpfully replied that ‘yes’ Adele has been around a while. Well, I’d never heard of her.

Have I -without even trying to – crossed into dull-parent-territory where I’ll soon be spouting awesome lines like ‘you kids, I can’t believe you listen to that garbage!’?

My biggest worry these days is that I’ll send someone a link with the cringe-worthy equivalent of ‘this guy Bruce Springsteen is awesome! Have you heard of him?’ But seriously, he’s good. Even when he’s just singing harmony.



One thought on “Behind the Times

  1. Oh Nicola… I had this experiece when I went Christmas shopping for my neices at the store “Forever 21” and hated it, btw, but thought, “apparently I am not forever 21…”


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