Tannenbaum, destroyed

I returned from the school run early Monday morning. As I approached the steps leading to the front door, I noticed movement in my peripheral vision. The Christmas tree…..inside the house…..was moving.

‘Looks like Percy’s discovered the Christmas tree,’ I sighed and went inside. Sure enough, the little imp, who’d been oblivious to the tree for the first twelve hours of its residency had finally noticed: there was a tree….in our living room….with dangly things hanging from it.

Random piece of Nicola trivia: I don’t like decorating Christmas trees. Maybe it’s a genetic condition, since my sister doesn’t like it either. So every year, I let the professor take the lead with the tree decorating. Meaning, I quietly slip away while he entangles himself in lights and go sit in front of the computer, or with a magazine until such time as he announces he’s done.

Then I take a look at the tree. I notice that the bottom half contains break-able-un-kid-friendly ornaments….or that the ornaments are clumped together in a weird way…..or that the tree is crooked. And then I take all the ornaments off and redecorate the tree.

Apparently it is not possible for me to be laissez-faire about anything. (And still I get annoyed when my six year old insists I re-draw the picture of the rocket because the right wing is one millimeter longer than the left wing. Where does he come up with this stuff?!)

Significant tangent aside, my point is (and I do have one*), I had to re-decorate the tree last Sunday because ‘the boys’ had left all manner of un-Percy-friendly ornaments on the lower half. And I knew the same troublemaker who deposits empty milk bottles all around the house was going to have a field day with the ornaments.

Sure enough. There are ornaments in the kitchen. In the office. Underneath the dining table. He’s ripped off the gold-plasticky tops of ball ornaments. He’s nearly pulled the tree to the ground.

And it’s December 8th.

No, the Santa suit is not supposed to have three-quarter sleeves or ultra low-rider pants. The outfit’s just a little small, that’s all.

*borrowed from Ellen Degeneres

3 thoughts on “Tannenbaum, destroyed

  1. Yeah, we just put our tree on a table last year. AND we put the presents up in a tv nook. Evidently, I really didn’t want to fight that battle last year!!! Actually, my parents put their tree on a table every year. I think they just don’t want to move the table from the tree spot!!

  2. Belly full of jelly! Steph, it’s at least not getting worse over here. He seems less interested today than he was yesterday, so hopefully we’ll make it to the 25th!


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