The early bird catches….less sleep

The rational part of my brain understands there would probably be some benefit to my getting up an hour before the rest of the Johnson-folk emerge from their slumber. I could exercise. Or cook amazing breakfasts. Or read, alone.

Or whatever it is that organized people do when they get up well before the rest of their family. But I’m not a morning person. In fact, I find it difficult to think, or even speak until I’ve been up for about twenty minutes. There are those who hop out of bed and chirp ‘good morning’ cheerfully, wherever they go. And there are those who can only manage Peter Brady-esque croaking sounds when they open their mouth in the morning.

Obviously, I’m an (un-)proud member of the latter group. Which is probably why I don’t have a discernible hairstyle. Or wear makeup. Or….any number of things. Because all of those things require getting up more than thirty five minutes before I need to leave the house. A friend caught a glimpse of my driver’s license picture the other day. ‘Oh, was that before kids,’ she asked-accused. Because my hair was not in its trademark ponytail. And I was wearing makeup and looked semi-well-rested. (I usually do that for driver’s license or passport pictures.)

I like the idea of looking nice as much as the next person. But I just can’t give up even ten minutes of ‘pseudo-sleep’ to do so.

It could be purely psychological, but on the rare occasions when I am ‘up and at ’em’ before 7 o’clock, I feel exhausted by 9. ‘I’ve already been up for three hours,’ I’ll wail when I realize it is not anywhere near lunch-time.

I was lying on my bed in a semi-comatose state a few days ago. The Gort had crawled in beside me. He looked at the alarm clock. ‘It’s 7.19, mom, it’s time to get up.’ I squawked…something that was intended to mean ‘sure, just a minute’. ‘Mom, we’re going to be laaaaate,’ he chided two minutes later.

So I dragged myself out of bed because no six year old should have to beg his mom to get up in the morning. Of course, maybe the six year old could tell his brothers to stop waking up in the middle of the night. Or maybe said six year old could stay put in his own room until 7am instead of coming to my room at 4am….to tell me he’s just made his bed.

Come to think of it, maybe I should put the alarm clock in his room. And tell him to wake me up at 7.

4 thoughts on “The early bird catches….less sleep

  1. …”no six year old should have to beg his mom to get up in the morning.” I’m in big trouble if this is true.

  2. Oh man, do I feel ya on this one! How do those ladies at Kindie drop off have their hair done, make-up on, AND are wearing accessories!!! I’m usually wearing the shirt I slept in, a hat, and trying not to talk too closely to people because I did drink coffee, but did not brush my teeth. Sometimes I wear work-out clothes just to cover up my dirtiness. Good thing no one actually asks if I worked out.

  3. I heard the double pitter patter across the kitchen floor this morning as the boys ran to my room so they can jump on my side (not Gord’s) side fo the bed.

  4. Tan, yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. Steph, I spent all of Kindergarten feeling bad about my appearance (and I dropped my kid off at NOON). This year I’m wearing a uniform of jeans, striped shirt, jacket and flats. So I look semi-together, even if I have the same coffee-toothbrush situation you alluded to. And my hair’s in a ponytail, so no one knows how dirty it is!


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