It’s for the birds

‘Hey mom, I know what birds do in winter-time,’ the Gort informed me as we drove home from school on Tuesday. ‘Oh yeah,’ I responded in my ‘I-heard-part-of-what-you-said-but-not-everything’ voice. ‘What do they do?’

‘They hibrate,’ he declared. With authority; as one who’d recently been made aware of a nugget of priceless information.

‘You mean hibernate?’ I corrected-asked.

‘No, they hibrate,’ he insisted.

And when I’d said, ‘no, it’s hibernate,’ again, a vague recollection materialized in my foggy brain…..birds don’t actually hibernate. (Right?) And hibrate isn’t actually a word…..or is it? And such is the state of my ill-functioning mind, that I second-guess myself all the time. About things I am 99% sure are true.

Maybe birds really do hibrate and I’d just never heard of it in my thirty plus years of life? And what if I was right and birds don’t hole up like bears and slumber through winter….then what do they do that might sound like hibrate?

Suddenly, it dawned on me. Migrate! Birds fly to warmer places in the winter….they migrate! ‘Oh, you mean migrate,’ I exclaimed in my eureka voice, like I’d just figured out the question to final Jeopardy.

‘No, it’s hibrate,’ he replied testily, ‘you don’t know about animals.’

2 thoughts on “It’s for the birds

  1. Priceless. I love it when my children tell me I don’t know something. Unlike you I then argue my case with my children and would have gotten our animal books out or checked the internet just to prove that I DO know about animals – to a 6 year old.


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