The Girl who cried Zucchini

In honor of last August 26th’s final post about not going into labor, I will commemorate this August 26th with my final post about zucchini.

I’m not a particularly gifted grocery shopper. By that I mean, when I decide what I’d like to make for dinner on any given day, it has more to do with what I’d like to eat. Than what’s in my cupboards. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be the other way around, and I’m slowly coming around to that idea.

Towards that end, I’m trying to make myself go to the grocery store once a week (ish). Instead of every other day. It’s a bit of a compulsion, really: head to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things rather than look in the pantry and see what I have.

So it was Monday. Lunch-time. And I really didn’t know what to make for lunch. It’s my least favorite meal of the day, frankly. Unless someone else is making the food, in which case I have no problem with the meal.

We’d finished all the tortillas. So I couldn’t make quesadillas. I had avocado, but no tortilla chips. So I couldn’t make my other standby: nachos with guacamole.

Quinoa, I remembered.

During a very virtuous moment at Costco several months ago, I bought a gynormous bag of organic quinoa. And I’d made it exactly once since that day. To rather mixed reviews.

Maybe I could combine my newfound love of guacamole with the quinoa? So I chopped up avocado, cilantro, green onion and mango. And I made some semblance of dressing with white wine vinegar, olive oil, lime juice and mango chutney. And then I remembered: I HAVE ZUCCHINI.

So I chopped up some zucchini and sauteed it. And I added it to my fiber and iron-rich salad. I summoned the professor from his dungeon office. And braced myself for the unpleasantries.

Put it this way: the professor ate the quinoa. I ate the quinoa. The baby ate the quinoa. There was a ‘bit’ of a battle with my oldest who refused to eat his lunch. Initially he’d expressed an interest in eating some of the ‘world’s most perfect grain’. But then he remembered he HAD tried it once before. And didn’t care for it.

After lunch, the professor sent me an email from his basement office. ‘Lunch was excellent, by the way.’

In my continued quest for teaching the Gort about looking at the positive, and giving honest feedback (when asked), I said: ‘what did you like about today’s lunch?’

‘The mango.’

‘What didn’t you like about today’s lunch?’

‘The quinoa’.

Since I’m not going to post about zucchini ever again, I just want to say in advance that I am making these cupcakes for our babe’s birthday. And I might try to fashion some sort of chocolate-zucchini-pirate ship cake for our Hen.

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