Bowel Buddy

A while ago I was standing in the ‘organic slash health-food’ aisle at the Superstore. I was looking for some oat bran for a muffin recipe I wanted to try. While scanning the shelves, I came across a snack called ‘Bowel Buddy’. I didn’t need to pick up the box for more detail; the name pretty much said it all.

‘I will never buy anything called Bowel Buddy’, I thought to myself, ‘I don’t care what sort of miracle it is, there’s got to be a better way than eating something with such an awful name.’

I found my oat bran, paid for it, and went home to bake my muffins.

The muffins were one of my latest obsessions. I’d gone to the Urban Baker with the boys after a trip to the zoo. I, very reluctantly, chose the blackberry-pear bran muffin. Because it was all that was left in the muffin category. I figured it was going to be dry and gross. Sort of like those apple bran muffins McDonald’s sold many, many years ago. (Do they still sell them?)

But when I bit into it, the muffin was tasty and moist and flavorful and hands down one of the best muffins I’d ever had. Copious amounts of bran notwithstanding. And that’s when my quest began: to make an equally delicious bran muffin at home.

[I made this recipe three times now. It tastes best with vanilla yogurt, and a cup of diced pears. I omitted the ginger entirely – I’ve heard enough complaints about ginger from the men in my life.]

The boys devoured the baked goods and Percy had, oh, about four. A regrettable oversight on my part, since the muffins are basically ‘bowel buddies’….. with a much  nicer name.

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