The (Mis)adventurers: Elbow River

Since I’m on such a roll in the fieldtrip department, I decided to keep going. What’s better than an hour-long excursion to fifteen-minutes-away Fish Creek Park? Driving an hour (each way) to Cobble Flats in Kananaskis, that’s what.

With visions of shallow water and pebbles as far as the eye can see, I loaded the blondies in the car-van and we headed west. In true Nicola fashion, I didn’t know exactly where I was going. A friend had given me some vague-ish directions two days earlier, and I hoped I’d remember enough to get us there.

I also lost cell phone reception halfway through the ordeal, which was not entirely comforting.

Bottom line: the boys had fun. And Percy taste-tested half of the pebbles in Elbow River. Do other babies, upon being told ‘no, don’t put rocks in your mouth,’ also continue shoveling pebbles in their mouth. While maintaining eye contact with the naysayer. And laughing? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

If he catches dysentery, I will most definitely say ‘I told you so’.

I’ll admit I was feeling pretty on-top-of-things today. There I was: mom with three boys (two of them under the age of three, if only for another week or so) soaking up the wonder of Kananaskis. All by myself. Competence and adventurousness personified.

But then we got to Cobble Flats. Right behind another minivan which contained a mom, four kids, and two (small!) dogs. The mom brought out bags of food, made a fire and roasted hot dogs for the kids. Like Macgyver….with a ponytail.

All I had in my snack pack was applesauce and arrowroot cookies. And two juice boxes. And a Chocolate Almond Fudge Cliff Bar that’s only suitable for a lost-in-the-wilderness-without-food situation. I hadn’t even brought a bottle of water for myself. And the sippy cup of water I’d brought for the baby didn’t have a plug, which means he dumped an entire cup of water all over himself while sitting in his carseat. (Boy, was he happy about that!)

The extra clothes I grabbed at the last minute, right before leaving the house, did come in handy. Except we went to two different places and all three boys got completely soaking wet, twice. I only brought one set of clothes for each kid. And none for myself. If you’re carrying a soaking wet baby, there’s a good chance you’re going to get soaking wet, too. FYI. (FMI?)

But all’s well, ends well. On the way back to Calgary, while the Venture was struggling something fierce to make it up a slightly steep patch of highway, a Jeep Liberty sped past me. When I caught up with the blue powerhouse… had been pulled over by a cop.

Membership (in the unpowerful-van-club) has its privileges.

It’s too bad there’s no good scenery in Alberta.

5 thoughts on “The (Mis)adventurers: Elbow River

  1. you are an EPIC mom…. i am sure years from now the three boys will discuss the days they spent on vancations seeing the world and eating rocks.

  2. Wait a sec…that place is top secret. 😉 One of the other 300 people who picnic there on Sundays must have tipped you off.

  3. Ah yes, an epically crazy or crazily epic mom. Or maybe just ‘under-prepared fingers-crossed’ kind of mom. T…even on a weekday there were a bunch of oldies out there. And Mrs. Macgyver, of course.


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