The Indiana Files: More Keys

It was the morning after the key debacle. We Johnsons were preparing to head to the Muncie Farmer’s Market on my mom’s behalf; to buy sunflowers and zinnias and frozen pulled pork. ‘Here’s the money for the flowers,’ she told me, before leaving said house. ‘And I’m putting the house key here, too,’ she added – pointing to a kitchen shelf.  I nodded absentmindedly while trying to rearrange a meeting over email with my jilted pool date.

We made plans to meet at Starbucks mid-morning, so I closed the computer, grabbed the money my mom had set aside and headed for the car.

It was hotter than blazes when we arrived at the market. All hopes for a fun morning outing disappeared as I began sweating profusely and the boys moaned of being hot. We purchased the requested items and hopped back in our air-conditioned car-van.

”Let’s go get a frosty drink at Starbucks,’ I suggested, since I had to go there anyway. We drove to the ubiquitous coffee shop whilst two boys (mostly one six year old) wailed bitterly about how hot they were. This may have been when the Hen coined his phrase: ‘I want to be cool’ which he used for the remainder of the trip.

I walked in to Charbucks with the Gort, purchased a couple of boxes of chocolate milk and sent him home with his dad and brothers while I sat down to catch up with my friend. We chatted for a while before she drove me back to my mom’s.

I walked into the house whilst sucking on the watery remains of my iced coffee. The professor looked up: ‘how did you think we were going to get into the house……without a key?’ My mind flashed back to the moment when my mom told me she was leaving the money and the house key on the shelf. I’d taken the money. But not the key.

‘Sorry?’ I offered sheepishly.

8 thoughts on “The Indiana Files: More Keys

  1. Yes…how did he get in? You can’t leave us hanging…and look on the bright side, no one puked in the starbucks lineup.

  2. What’s that sound? Wow! It’s loud! Oh. It’s the sound of all of the original support for Nicola in the keys saga being sucked right outta the room. 🙂

  3. Yes, D, his transgression was FAR worse than mine! But we really do have a problem with keys and forgetting them. Tan, my mom’s next door neighbors have a spare set. Vicky, but I’m, um, honest? I could have only posted the first part….

  4. Need I mention it was 95 degrees outside and buggy…. at least you were stranded inside with air conditioning… so yes mine was worse in theory, but I think this “absentmindedly” stuff is a cover for what it really was…REVENGE….

  5. Love the picture! No comment on the key situation. Or wait, remember the lost house key found in the washer 4 months later?

  6. Prof – I do recall you were once “stranded” inside an air-conditioned McDonald’s quietly sipping a smoothie while waiting for Wifi…

    …er…this is all fun n’ games, right? Have I crossed the line? 😉

    1. Preach it – while I stood on the burning asphalt with my baby son until our car overheated and died. Temporarily.


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