A series of (un)fortunate events

There’s a lot of seemingly negative sayings involving rain. And by a lot I mean two come to mind: ‘into everyone’s life a little rain must fall’ and ‘when it rains, it pours’. (I think?)

So it’s only fitting, I suppose, that the rainy, dreary weather that is ‘June 2010’ thus far, would also bring with it some seemingly dreary events.

On Monday the computer crashed. Perhaps for the last time. The Dell the professor acquired as a graduate student….in 2002…..went to sleep in the morning and didn’t wake up again. I ducked into the office mid-morning for some quick email checking and ducked right out again. ‘What’s wrong with the computer?’ I asked my better half. He gave me a blank stare, so I elaborated ‘why is the screen white?’ I asked in my loud-American-tourist-in-a-foreign-land-voice.

The hard drive had been repaired and the whole thing had been making awful noises for a very long time, but still it had persevered. Faithfully allowing me to download my pictures and check my email every day. For almost eight years. And then, poof, whiteness.

It was the second computer we had ‘lost’ in less than a week. The professor’s (work) laptop had bid adieu a few days before and its body had since been donated to ‘science’. (Aka the computer guy who was trying every trick up his sleeve to salvage the, ahem, un-backed-up information on the computer.)

A few hours after the Dell’s demise our camera bit the dust too. We were all running around in the backyard, playing soccer, when the camera refused to focus. On anything. It had acted up several times before, so I didn’t panic. I turned it off and fully expected it to work again when I turned it on a few hours later. Except….it didn’t. Apparently dropping it on the Uffizi’s concrete walkway in 2006. And at the Calgary Stampede in 2009, had caused it to die a very slow death.

Luckily, and I use the word lightly, I realized the next day that ‘just’ the lens was broken. Because camera works perfectly fine with the 50mm lens. Even if I can only fit half a person inside the frame.

The upside of (suddenly) being a one-computer family with a semi-functioning camera is that I’m spending a lot less time using a computer. What with hardly any pictures to download and the professor’s stare of death if I even glance in his other laptop’s direction when the World Cup is on. So my choice is to try my luck on our dino Mac laptop with the missing keys. Or to waste time in other ways.

Like tonight I might string popcorn while reading a chapter from Little House on the Prairie.


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