Mango Madness

I made turkey burgers for dinner on Saturday night. The Gort has been on a kick lately – of making his own ‘special sauces’ to accompany bratwurst and burgers. These ‘sauces’ usually contain some configuration of ketchup, mustard. And honey.

So when I told him I was making turkey burgers for dinner, he ran to the fridge. ‘Wait, I need to make my special sauce!’ As if we weren’t allowed to put the raw meat on the grill until he’d combined three random ingredients in a bowl and given the flavors a headstart….to ‘meld’.

He pulled the jar of mango chutney from the refrigerator, as he’s done several times now. ‘What is this again?’ he asked. Because he keeps thinking it’s jam or jelly and wants to put it on toast.

‘It’s mango chutney,’ I told him. Again. ‘Do you think it would be good in my special sauce?’ he asked. An innovator, like his dad. ‘Sure, I bet it would taste great!’ I enthused. Since I don’t typically have to eat the special sauce, it doesn’t really matter to me what he puts in it.

So he combined mango chutney. And ketchup. And honey. And another version of the special sauce was born.

Fast forward to Monday. It was lunchtime and I – as though on auto pilot – prepared to make yet another cheese quesadilla.  If I were like those old Mcdonald’s signs of yore, I’d have ‘one hundred and twenty billion served‘ on my billboard.  There was a time when cheese quesadillas were fine, and goodness knows, the professor still happily makes himself one nearly every day, but my eyes tend to roll into the back of my head when I pull the cheese and tortillas from the fridge these days.

There’s got to be more to lunch than cheese quesadillas.

And then I saw chopped up chicken in the fridge. And a bag of cucumbers. And the mango chutney. And I remembered my obsession with the wrap. So I threw the chicken in a bowl. And added mayo and mango chutney, with a dash of curry powder. And I chopped up cucumbers. And mango. And orange pepper. And cilantro. And rolled the mixture up in a wrap.

And it was good.

If I were smarter I’d have added shredded carrots, too. That way I’d only have 25 carrots sitting in my fridge right now.

2 thoughts on “Mango Madness

    1. Well, he asked me to try it. So I couldn’t refuse. Luckily it was just sweet-ish. With a hint of ketchup.


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