Good intentions gone awry

I walked into the living room one night, several days ago, and found the professor watching a show on his laptop. I asked what he was watching. He told me. And I moved on to the next thing.

‘You should check it out,’ he teased me, ‘you’ll probably think the main guy is cute.’

I may have, over the years, mentioned (a few times) that I thought Jarod (The Pretender) and Clark (Smallville) were really cute while watching said shows….with the professor. Apparently he harbors a teensy bit of resentment over those comments. (Not that he hasn’t affirmed the visages of Juliette Binoche and Isabella Rosselini and, um, Anne Hathaway?! a time or two.)

So I dutifully walked over to the laptop, whilst rehearsing in my mind a perfectly disinterested response to this new (as yet unseen by me) guy’s looks. So as to convince the professor I’m above makeup, tooth veneers, $300 haircuts and personal trainer slash bizarro diet induced physiques. My strategy was to stare at the screen for exactly three seconds and then, rather vehemently, declare my displeasure with the supposedly cute guy’s looks.

Even if he made Tom Welling and Patrick Dempsey look like Smurfs.

I positioned myself in front of the laptop and glanced at the screen for a legitimate amount of time, trying to look like I was really checking out Mr. Actor. After about three seconds of staged staring, I shrugged my shoulders and wrinkled my nose: ‘he’s not really my type,’ I announced.

We kept chatting about the show’s premise, while I stared at the face on the screen. It seemed familiar, somehow.  ‘You know,’ it dawned on me, ‘he kind of looks like….you!’

‘Yeah, I know,’ the professor agreed. ‘And you just said he’s not really your type.’

5 thoughts on “Good intentions gone awry

  1. Your timing with this post is quite apt, since my Jason just grumbled at me on Friday that my professed lust for Jemaine Clement had been professed a few too many times. But *I* had cover, since I had said that Jason kinda looks like Jemaine.

  2. VS, I had to google Jemaine’s name. You should have just said ‘the Business Time’ guy 🙂 T, the professor now claims he meant Audrey Tautou. Not Anne Hathaway. I suppose it could be worse, he could have said Keira Knightley..


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