Sickly parenting

Taking care of sick kids is not high on the universal list of fun things to do. But one thing that’s worse is taking care of kids when you’re the one who’s sick. And if you’re a mother-of-children there’s a pretty good chance it will happen to you at least once (a year) while you have children living under your roof.

‘Twas my turn this weekend – to be the under-the-weather parent trying to take care of her spawn. It’s pretty ironic, actually, considering I was so busy looking for signs of possible illness in the boys and scheduling preventative doctors’ appointments before the professor headed out of town that I failed to realize until Thursday evening that I was the one with the symptoms.

Whether it be sinus or allergy or cold-related, ‘all’s I know‘ is that when the professor departed around 5.30 on Friday morning, I was not feeling particularly fit for solo-parenting. Much less so when the baby woke up twenty minutes later and his brothers a few minutes after that.

It’s probably all kinds of wrong to have your kids glued to a laptop before the clock strikes 7, but that’s where they were on Friday morn. And if they had longer attention spans, I would have probably kept the movies running all day long. One continuous loop of animation.

The thing about being sick when you’re a mom – as mothers all around the world figured out millions of years ago – is that you don’t get to lie around until you feel better. No one will bring you food or put your favorite movie on or try to make you more comfortable. (Unless you were just released from the ICU.)

There’s actually a good chance your kids won’t even notice you’re sick. Apparently they just think you’re feeling a bit lazy when you lie on the couch with a pillow and a blanket; sitting up (weakly) every nine minutes to select a new episode of Scooby Doo on youtube.

But, if viewed in a positive light, a bout of sickly parenting isn’t all bad. It’s actually a semblance of a break – letting the kids do whatever they want while reposing on the couch as much as possible. (And dealing with the consequences at a later time.)

It’s a bonafide excuse to do nothing unless absolutely necessary. It’s a holiday, really, without the scenery or fantastic food or sunshine or shopping. Or the thousands of lovely pictures to download onto your computer afterwards.

My blanket. My pillow.

3 thoughts on “Sickly parenting

  1. OK burning bras, going to work, and refusing to do dishes is one thing… but please DO NOT THINK YOU CAN TAKE OUR MAN FLU HOLIDAYS AS WELL!! besides the washing the car and sneaking the newspaper into the WC, the manflu vacation is our last bastion of manhood.


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