Future plans

‘Today’s your last day to go to Coffee Break,’ I informed my oldest as we drove to said Coffee Break this morning. ‘Why,’ he asked. Even though I’m pretty sure we’d discussed this in relatively recent history. ‘Because next year you`ll go to grade 1 and you`ll be in school all day long.’ I explained. Saddened by my own reminder.

‘Yes, and then I`m going to be in school for a very, very, very, very long time,’ he concurred.

‘Yeah…for twelve years….’ I spelled it out.

‘Oh, that`s not so long,’ he disagreed. This from the kid who thinks waiting three days for anything is an eternity.

‘You`ll be eighteen,’ I mused. Could it be that this six year will ever be eighteen?

‘Yeah, maybe then I can call daddy father,’ he dared to hope.

‘Sure, maybe’, I replied, stifling the urge to laugh.

‘And then he can call me son,’ he added.

And then I burst out laughing.

‘Not sun…like up in the sky,’ he explained.

‘Oh,’ I said, as if that was why I`d burst out laughing. Because I thought he’d said ‘sun’.

‘So what do you think you`ll do when you`re done with school?’ I asked. Always curious about his response to such in-comprehendable questions.

‘I don`t really know,’ he replied. Vaguely.

‘Well what would you like to do, do you think?’ I pressed the issue.

‘Well, I`ll probably work,’ he predicted. ‘That`s going to be really difficult.’

Really difficult? Where does he come up with this stuff?

‘What kind of work do you think you want to do?’

‘Well, I don`t think I get to decide…whatever work they tell me to do.’

He’s only six, but he gets the concept of ‘the boss’.

‘Who will tell you what kind of work you`re supposed to do?’ I continued.

‘My teachers’.

‘But what do you think you want to do?’ I just couldn’t let it drop.

‘Build models,’ he decided.

‘Really, you think you`d like to build models?’ I had visions of a ‘father and son’ enterprise.

‘Yeah – remember that model I built with a lid and pins sticking out…at daddy`s work when they were building that screen for the projector?’

Screen for the projector? I’m guessing that’s not quite what the designer envisioned when he designed it.

‘Yeah, that was a pretty awesome model,’ I agreed as I thought of the little spaceship looking disc with pins protruding from all angles.

5 thoughts on “Future plans

  1. Awwww, ‘father’ and ‘son’…thanks for the laugh to go along with my pre-early morning coffee 🙂

  2. so funny! spencer keeps saying he wants to be a police officer…the kid who puts a band aid on invisible scratches and can’t stand the least bit of pain. after a bit more questioning, turns out that he aspires to this job because he wants to eat donuts…where do they get these ideas? maybe the donut maker would be a better choice. and ephraim is going to be in the CIA. 🙂

  3. Love the “really difficult” part. Ha! Keep posting positive things about having three kids. I need to know someone’s surviving this. 🙂


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