The art of recycling

In addition to tending to my biohazardous clan last week, I managed to while away more than a few hours…making cards from old magazines.

It started with a simple idea. ‘Let’s make cards for [the grandmas] for mother’s day,’ I suggested to my oldest. And then I saw the small stack of old magazines and was reminded of one of the professor’s classic assignments for first-year students: collages. And I remembered a random fabric craft I’d made a month or two ago.

But of course the Gort and I had different ideas about what the cards should look like. He literally cut pictures from the magazine and glued them on the card. Happy Mother’s Day – here’s a picture of a fashion model. And a purple purse.

So I stayed at the table and played around for many hours. Highly therapeutic. And very environmentally friendly.

Luckily the professor indulges my occasional bouts of familial abandonment, without saying things like: ‘hey, so what’s for dinner?’ or ‘so, none of us have any pants to wear.’

3 thoughts on “The art of recycling

  1. Your creative craftiness never fails to amaze me. Those look great. You are – again and still – my hero.


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