Spring Break Bah Humbug

Dear Mr. Johnson

It seems to me you were in an awfully big hurry to get out the door today. You began the morning with your oft-used ‘I have a meeting’ warning, letting us all know you weren’t going to be sticking around.

Even though you don’t teach on Tuesdays.

I didn’t think anything about your abrupt departure. You’re a busy man after all. (Remember that!) But then I took a peek at the Google calendar.

You didn’t have a meeting until 2pm. Yet you left several hours before. Was gibt? Is Calgary transit really that slow?

Did the Easter egg (fiasco) fun get on your nerves? Did the persistent weeping and gnashing of teeth make you want to gnaw on your fist until your hands were raw and bleeding? Did you step on straight pins or chunks of lasagna or lose patience with the baby’s inability to be in a happy state unless held for very long?

Or was that just me?

I forgot to tell you – I have an all-day meeting tomorrow, starting at 8am.

The DVD’s are downstairs.

Good luck.

Oh, and p.s., I bought extra eggs and dye.

So we can make our own Easter eggs. Without anyone yelling at us about un-sticky tape and color choices and cracked eggs.

11 thoughts on “Spring Break Bah Humbug

  1. tsk, tsk, Mr. Johnson! Nicola if you get a chance to skip any part of your all-day-meeting? I’m up for a morning coffee! 🙂

  2. Maybe Mr. Johnson is planning to surprise you with something wonderful and much deserved…that’s why he is devoting so much time to it…maybe?

  3. Seriously! Tonight he tells me ‘I have to go to this meeting with the First Nations President at the Deerfoot Casino.’ Is the word ‘gullible’ written on my forehead?

  4. I believe he is called a Chief… and some meetings are just too urgent miss out on all that screaming goodness… lots of stuff to do, like building a costanza cot under my desk…

  5. You will take your response and like it….. Actually I’m thinking of joining alcoholics anonymous over the summer, not because I drink, but because i hear they have a LOT of meetings…

  6. Jason,
    do you have time for a ‘meeting’ in my garage tonight at around 9?
    Some other guys have also scheduled a ‘meeting’ at the same time and place…….

  7. sounds like a very important meeting, one that could change the world… I will try and work it in to my busy schedule…

  8. Ray, is this for a pre-Easter reflection? Jason would love to go but I think he’s at Gamblers Anonymous tonight.


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